Introducing SDReporter 4.0

TransNexus recently announced the latest release of its industry leading VoIP Call Detail Record (CDR) reporting and analysis software, SDReporter 4.0. Designed to be simple and efficient, SDReporter provides comprehensive Quality of Service (QoS) reports and alarms.

With the new release, SDReporter 4.0 now recognizes fraud by IP address, group ID, and caller ID. It also prevents the increasingly common Call Transfer Fraud scheme. This scheme is perpetrated by hacking into a SIP device of and then using that device to place outbound calls, typically to very expensive international destinations. When the called party answers, the hacked device immediately performs a blind transfer to the hacker’s SIP device. Service providers are especially vulnerable to this scheme because the fraudulent call is transferred to a SIP trunk outside of the calling customer’s trunk group. Most soft switches do not have a way to monitor or control these fraudulent call transfers. SDReporter 4.0 recognizes when these fraudulent calls occur, and can send automatic email and SNMP alarms, saving organizations $3-50 million dollars per fraudulent event.

In addition, SDReporter 4 is now compatible with BroadSoft. TransNexus has recently become a Broadsoft Technology Partner. Broadsoft, Inc. (NASDAQ: BSFT) is the leading provider of software and services that enable mobile, fixed-line, and cable service providers to offer Unified Communications over their Internet Protocol network.

“This release of SDReporter addresses our customers growing concerns about VoIP fraud,” said Jim Dalton, president of TransNexus. “We are also seeing increasing numbers of customers using Broadsoft soft switches in their network. SDReporter now works seamlessly with our customer’s complete VoIP networks, taking full advantage of the soft switch capabilities. SDReporter 4.0 is leading the way in next generation VoIP network management.”

TransNexus will demonstrate SDReporter 4.0 at IT EXPO West 2012 the Austin Convention Center in Austin, TX, October 2-5. IT EXPO is the world’s largest communications and technology event. ITEXPO brings together the entire communications and technology community for a week of business-building and researching today’s most powerful communications solutions. For more information about the event visit:

An evaluation copy of SDReporter 4.0 is available as a free download from the TransNexus website at

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